Frequently Asked Questions

General Account Queries

1. How do I change my login ID (email address) or password?

To change your login ID or password, simply visit the ‘My Account’ section of the website. By clicking on the ‘Login Details’ icon, you can quickly update your login ID and/or password using the Edit button.

2. What should I do if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the Log In page, at which point you will be prompted to enter the email address associated with your account. An email will then be sent to your inbox with a temporary password. Once you’ve received the email, click on the link provided and follow the steps in order to restore your password.

3. Who is D+H?

D+H is a leading financial technology company and a trusted partner to financial institutions around the world. For more than 130 years, Canadian financial institutions have relied on us to help them better serve their customers, like you, with secure payment products, such as business and personal cheques, and services such as pre-authorized payment management. But we do more than create a payment product or print cheques. We’re technology experts who understand there’s personal information connected to each payment and cheque, which is why we also create services like IDefence that help protect you from identity theft and fraud, and keep your personal information secure. For more information on D+H, please visit us at .

4. Why do I need to answer security question?

Security questions and answers provide you with an extra layer of protection and allow us to verify your identity. We will ask you to verify your identity by providing the correct answers to the security questions you have set up with us in the following cases:

  • If you contact us regarding a forgotten login ID (email) or password, OR
  • If we detect you are accessing your account from a different device or computer.

5. Can I choose not to set up questions and answers?

No, it is mandatory for IDefence customers to set up at least two Security Questions and Answer.

6. How do I set up or update my security questions and answers?

When you first logon to your IDefence account, you will be prompted to set up at least two Security Questions and Answers.

You are able to create up to four Security Questions and Answers. To update your Security Questions and Answers, simply logon onto your account, select “My Account” and “Login Details”.

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