Card Monitoring

1. What is IDefence Card Monitoring?

IDefence Card Monitoring uses advanced technology to scan public internet records in sites. If any of your registered debit or credit card numbers are discovered, you will be notified via email or text message.

2. Does IDefence monitor all the information in my Registry?

No. While you can register various cards into the IDefence Registry, we will only monitor your registered payment cards (i.e. debit or credit cards). Other cards, such as loyalty point cards, gift cards or any other retail cards, will not be monitored.

3. Isn't it dangerous to give you my card information?

For credit cards, we only ask for the 16 digits, not the expiration date nor the security number (CCN number) on the back of the card. Without this information, no one can use your card. The same holds true for debit cards. We only ask for your card number and not your PIN. We are simply monitoring the card numbers.

4. How do I know the information I provide on your site is secure?

Sigma Loyalty Group Inc has been a trusted provider of financial services for more than 100 years. Canada’s major financial institutions and consumers rely on Sigma Loyalty Group Inc services every day. Our data centres routinely handle confidential customer information, and we comply with security and data protection standards intended to protect consumers and deter fraud. Our operators and technicians are also trained extensively to handle and safely store customer information.

5. How and when will I be notified if one of my payment card numbers is compromised?

If one of your registered payment card numbers is discovered, an email or text message notification will be sent to you. Please note that the email/text message notification will be made based on the information in your profile. It is important to keep this information up-to-date.

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